Montage Support Services

Montage Support Services is a non- profit organization that places great value on the people with developmental disabilities, and their families, who access our services by providing resources and opportunities that facilitate full citizenship in the community.

We support more than 75 adults in residential settings and more than 150 people with disabilities living in the community through our Respite and Community Services.

With a dedicated work force holding a variety of full and part-time positions, our intention is to build on our vision to take risks and open new doors. Through a person-directed approach to understanding and identifying individual needs, Montage helps to reveal ambitions, interests and abilities that lead to enhanced quality of life.

At Montage, we are intentional about educating and engaging people around the benefits of working, living and learning from each other by connecting people who would not normally be connected and to start conversations that foster an understanding of the differences that unite us.