New applicants are currently being accepted to the TIFS Toronto program

TIFS Toronto is a residential learning environment to increase readiness for semi-independent living. It is an opportunity to gain more experience living independently within the community, to explore choices and decisions –to build confidence and learn autonomy. It is a practical way to identify strengths and areas where more support may be needed. It is a one year program where an individual works closely with their family and professional support staff to develop their skills and confidence in semi-independent living in four comprehensive steps. TIFS Toronto’s skill building readiness program can potentially move someone from the family home or a group home to a more independent living arrangement by providing the individual and family with the confidence and feelings of security to take the leap.

The ideal outcome is that the individual completing the program would feel more comfortable (maybe even ready, at the end of it) to live independently with supports. The program does not guarantee a semi-independent living placement at the end of it, it just helps someone feel more ready to experience/move forward with living semi-independent living. The idea is to get actual “hands on” experience and intense one on one support in an actual apartment setting from a coach. The apartment on Sibley is just the practice living environment–individuals don’t get to live there at the end of the year long program. The TIFS program can be an ideal way to prepare/transition into semi-independent living if that is an individual’s goal.

At present there is room for up to 5 individuals to participate in the year long program.

For more information see attached the
TIFS Toronto Flyer

For information, contact Sunday Cvetanovic, or 647.726.0129