Interactive Seminars for Parents of Children with Exceptionalities

All seminars are interactive and tailored to participants. Includes: discussions, handouts, expressive arts exploration (no arts experience required), and mindfulness practices.

Working with Frustration and Anger

What is our relationship to frustration and anger when it arises in our parenting life? Can we feel it without exploding or silently seething, which might damage our relationships? Frustration and anger usually have strong messages for us. In this seminar, we’ll take some time to listen to what those messages might be, and learn simple, practical ways to use our anger safely, effectively, and lovingly.
When: 11am-1pm, Sunday December 3rd 2017

Cultivating Compassion for Yourself and Your Child

Are you hard on yourself as a parent? How does that affect your relationship with your child? In this seminar, we’ll explore the notion of compassion and what might be getting in its way. Can we extend compassion to ourselves as the hardworking, flawed, loving parents we are? Can we extend that same compassion to the children in our care?
When: 11am-1pm, Sunday January 21st 2018

Self-Care: Preventing Parental Burnout

When you’re parenting a child with exceptionalities, burnout can often be waiting for you right around the corner. This seminar will explore the notion of self-care as an essential element of life, not a luxury. We’ll explore simple, backpocket ways to integrate self-care practices into any busy schedule. Come charge up your battery, and leave replenished and inspired.
When: 11am-1pm, Sunday February 25th 2018

About the Seminar Leader: Shara Claire is a practicing expressive arts therapist in Toronto, and an MA candidate at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. She is a certified meditation teacher through the Canada Yoga Alliance. Known for her interactive style, Shara is a lively, compassionate, knowledgable and engaging teacher with much experience in the areas of children, families, and parenting.

Cost: Sign up for: 1 seminar: $120 each; 2 seminars: $100 each; 3 seminars: $90 each
Location: Artscape Youngplace – 180 Shaw St. Toronto
Contact: | 416-838-7702
Pre-registration is required. Limited to 20 spaces.

See flyer for more details.