March Break Movement Workshop

The March Break Movement Workshop is specifically designed for young people who display self harming tendencies/behaviours. March Break Movement Workshop participants will attend a 3 hour program each day of the break (Ages 13-15 from 10am-1pm; Ages 16-18 from 2pm-5pm). The basic format for the group includes: check in, movement, music, choreography, and safe space exercises.

Before the workshop, each participant will be interviewed about their feelings and thoughts about self harm. As a thank you for their time and participation in this interview, youth will receive $25.00. These interviews will be recorded. Those themes will be brought to the movement workshop, becoming part of the material that will be explored through movement.

The workshop facilitators for this March Break group are Janet Johnston (Dancer, Choreographer, Co-Founder and Co-Artistic Director of Guelph Dance, Guelph Youth Dance Training Program, and Guelph Youth Dance Company) and Trish Van Katwyk (Registered Family Therapist, Arts-based Researcher, Professor at School of Social Work, Renison University College).

Participants will also receive $50.00 (in advance) to purchase anything they need to participate (ex. comfortable pants), a water bottle (on first day), and a dance mat (on first day).

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