Two Summer Workshops for Professionals/Parents/Caregivers of Kids with Special Needs & Disabilities

How To Teach Adapted Yoga (August 11-12, 12-4pm)
Adapted Yoga can help children with special needs learn how to be calm, relaxed, and gain more awareness of their own body. Our Adapted Yoga certification program is packed with experiential learning, sample lesson plans and access to an online forum for follow-up teaching tips. Participants will learn how to work safely with children with special needs, how to organize class structure, how to adapt yoga poses for the children, and how to keep their classes creative and evolving. Highly recommended for parents, teachers, caregivers and yoga professionals to start their own Adapted Yoga program. Some yoga experience required. Two-day, 8-hour workshop. Cost: $250 (tax included).

Basic Somatic Re-education Techniques for Children with Disabilities (August 18-19, 12-4pm)
Somatic bodywork techniques are extremely powerful tools that can be used to help children in many important ways, including releasing contractures, re-patterning body co-ordinations, and inducing a state of calm in children. This certification program is geared towards parents, caregivers, personal support workers and other front line people who may wish to incorporate bodywork into their daily practice with children. The workshop will explore basic bodywork techniques and principles, which can help your child release, stretch, and tone muscles. Two-day 8-hour workshop. Cost: $250 (tax included).

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