Workshop – Managing and Transforming Challenging Behaviours

Tantrums, physical aggression, oppositional defiance, and button-pushing are a regular part of many parents’ daily routines. This full-day workshop, teaches you practical strategies that work in real-life situations. Drawing from his Masters at Harvard University and over 25 years of teaching experience with families and their children diagnosed with autism, Jonathan’s training uniquely re-frames tough situations using techniques you will learn like the 90-10 rule, the empowering consequence system, and reinforcing versus enforcing, Jonathan’s approach emphasizes teaching and promoting positive behaviours more than policing negative ones. Parents who are tired of having to negotiate and struggle only to gain their child’s grumpy compliance can instead build happy cooperation. It’s possible if you invest in a bit of time to learn how.
Jonathan Alderson is the founder and director of the Integrated Multi-Treatment Intervention for autism program, a unique model that strategically combines behavioural, social, physical, and biomedical treatments.

Cost: $199 – $259
Where: The workshop will take place at Victoria College campus, University of Toronto, downtown. Training starts promptly at 9:15am and will end at 4:30pm. Your registration includes a morning coffee break and a light lunch. Come rested and ready for a full day of learning!

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