Into The Light: Eugenics, Institutions & Indigenous Resilience

Into the Light is an exhibit at Guelph Civic Museum. It examines the stories of  Eugenics – a movement in Southern Ontario that de-humanized and disappeared those who did not fit the normative middle-class lives of white, able-bodied settlers.  Peter Park shares his story of institutionalization and advocacy, and Mona Stonefish of the residential schools and resilience. 

Educational institutions played a significant role in the eugenics movement by perpetuating destructive ideas that targeted disabled people Indigenous, Black, and other racialized populations, and the poor for segregation in institutions, cultural assimilation and sterilization.

While eugenics sought to eradicate those deemed as “unfit,” this exhibition centres the voices of members of affected communities who continue to work to prevent institutional brutality, oppose colonialism, reject ableism, and foster social justice.

Peter Park with Respecting Rights joins Mona Stonefish in an open circle discussion October 26, 2-3pm.

Join us in continuing to make change for inclusion. 

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