#COVIDdisability: Disability-Related Resources for Families – Canadian Association For Community Living

CACL knows that the implications of COVID-19 for people with intellectual disabilities and their families are significant. Many of us are facing increased levels of anxiety. Personal isolation and “social distancing” may separate us from friends, family, regular health care, or support systems and services. Our carefully established routines for loved ones with a disability may be disrupted. These are not small issues, and we are committed to ensuring people with intellectual disabilities and their families have access to important information that is accessible.

CACL will be sharing disability-related resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic on this page, pulled together in one spot for families. We will be adding to it as trustworthy resources are developed. Let’s also be sure to stay connected to each other in new ways. When you find reliable information or practices that may help other families, share it! And to be sure we see it, use #COVIDdisability.

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