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Extend-A-Family Support Circles: Together is Better

Join a two-part on-line series with John Lord on the power of social networks/ relationships and how we can develop and maintain a Support Circle with people with disabilities and their families.

During the First Evening, John will highlight research and practices on the importance of social networks. He will show how a Support Circle can be a powerful way to enhance relationships, problem-solving, and community connections. He will also share strategies for developing a Support Circle, from research and from his own experience as a parent.

During the Second Evening, John will be joined by his daughter Karen Lord and her facilitator Tanya Williams. They will highlight the role that Karen’s Support Circle has played in her life for the last 30 years. They will show what an important role the facilitator plays in maintaining a Circle and in follow-up approaches with the focus person and Circle members.

Dates: Tuesday, September 29 and Tuesday, October 6

Time: 7PM to 8PM EST