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The Housing Project: Advocacy 101 – Autism Ontario

Our society places great importance on people with ASD living in their own communities.  We all want housing opportunities that consider the individual’s existing community and offer the necessary supports to encourage inclusion and integration into the community.  Unfortunately, waitlists for affordable housing are often years long for individuals with developmental disabilities including ASD.  The issue of housing is complicated for people with ASD – not one size fits all.  So, we want to help you begin a family conversation about housing.

This webinar will present you with some practical tools to use:

  • why positive housing advocacy work is important
  • who to speak to about addressing the housing gap
  • how to begin the conversation about advocating for the creation of more affordable housing
  • when is the best time to talk to elected officials about affordable housing
  • where should you go to speak to these decision makers?

Date/Time: Thursday November 19 @ 12pm-1pm

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