Accommodating Your World – CNIB

Suppose you are a blind or partially sighted individual trying to navigate the challenges of work, school, and day to day activities. How would you go about tackling these challenges? With technology, a blind or partially sighted individual is empowered to tackle these challenges independently. 

The CNIB Foundation is excited to announce the next series of virtual workshops with the theme of “Accommodating Your World.”  Learn about the newest products from leading innovators—Humaneware, Optelec, Microsoft, eSIght, Irisvision, and much more. The AYW series will also teach blind or partially sighted participants on how to use technology as an extension of their vision by utilizing accessibility software programs, applications, and built-in features within technological devices. 

Each session provides an additional tool to complement an individual’s skill set. With the primary focus on utilizing technology in creating an accessible world, the series will also have an employment component to add to the tool kit. Learn job readiness skills, how to network with LinkedIn, how to use AI for punctuality, social media etiquette and much more! 

Participants who complete a minimum of 12 virtual sessions will receive a Virtual Certificate of completion that can be put on their résumé and will also be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a Prize! 

For more information on the Accommodating Your World series and the registration process, please visit the CNIB website