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Coding Workshops for Neurodiverse Youth

The C.O.D.E. Initiative is a registered non-profit that provides affordable and inclusive Coding & STEM online classes to empower neurodiverse children over the past 4 years. Our goal is to promote and celebrate neurodiversity in tech and help children develop confidence in their own abilities! 

Coding is becoming the new language of the digital world and an invaluable skill to have. The C.O.D.E. Initiative is here to teach it in a super fun and exciting way!

All our classes are online and consist of 5 1-hour sessions. Your child will receive 1 on 1 instruction at all of our classes to ensure that they are fully supported and are learning at their own comfortable pace. From beginner classes to more advanced – we have something for everyone! Your child will learn how to code their own video games, build their own websites, and many more fun projects in our classes! 

We have a 30% discount for all neurodiverse youth on our website. To use the discount, type in “ND” at check out. Additionally, families in BC can use their Autism Funding towards our classes as well. 

To register, head over to our website: Don’t know if our classes are a right fit? You can book a free trial to see if our classes are the right fit for your child!

If you have any questions about our workshops, feel free to pop by our virtual information session coming up on February 9th. To RSVP for our info session, please visit here: We have regular info sessions every 2 weeks (approximately). If you can’t make the upcoming one, there will always be others!

For any other inquiries, please contact us at

See flyer for more information