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Creating Infographics to Advocate for Needs, Services and Care

This is a workshop that the Evidence to Care, Family Support Specialists and a Family Leader at Holland Bloorview have collaborated on for a few years now. They typically hold live workshop sessions and have since received feedback to turn this live workshop into a permanent online resource that families can connect with anytime. We’re so happy to be able to share this series of learning modules and resources to help families create their infographic.

Infographics use images and small amounts of text to share information in a way that is meaningful and easy to understand. A series of learning modules and resources have been created to help make an infographic for advocacy.

Infographics can be shared with the following places (as examples) to help with advocacy or for communicating care needs:

  • Schools and teachers
  • Respite workers, sitters or personal support workers
  • Health professionals
  • Community services
  • Family members or friends

Here is where you can find the modules online: