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Meaningful Day Activities

COVID-19 has affected everyone in a multitude of different ways.  For most, the social isolation experienced due to the restrictions has been very difficult.  Not being able to spend time with friends, family, and co-workers have been especially hard for the people we support.  This has not gone unnoticed and with many missing the activities they took part in during the day, many staff has taken it upon themselves to come up with some very creative ways to fill that gap! 

This page is intended to honor and celebrate the creativity and resourcefulness of the dedicated staff who are working every day to make each day meaningful during these very difficult times.  This repository of big ideas is just the beginning – we encourage you to deposit your own big ideas (no idea is too big or too small) for others to enjoy, regardless of if you are a staff, individual, or family member!  When you feel like you have exhausted your own creative juices, be inspired by others who have come up with activities to keep spirits up, stay engaged, and who have found ways to maintain relationships with the people in their lives.  Again – if you have an idea to do the same, please use the “submit” button to add your idea to the repository.

Looking for a place to search, register and pay for services in your community, is here for you. Just looking for online activities check out the Virtual Calendar.

Arts and Crafts


Making Bracelets and necklaces
Resource: Dollar store
Cost: Under $10 to get started


Basic knitting stitches – start with easy projects. Purchase bulky yard to for beginners, large needles
Resource: 10 Beginner Knitting Projects
Cost: Initial set up under $20/pers then ranges from approx. $10-$30 depending on the complexity of the project

Jewellery Making

Making various bracelets and necklaces
Resources: Pinterest
Cost: $10-$30/per person


St. Patrick’s Day posters made using material from activity boxes (Head office)
Resources: Activity boxes
Cost: Free

Painting and Colouring

Engaging in various craft activities–water colouring, Seasonally themed
Card Making
Resources: Pinterest / online/ led by staff
Cost: Varies depending on the scope of your craft $10-$40


Artists create their masterpieces and then put on a Virtual Art Show for family and friends followed by Artist recognition.
Resources: Activity boxes/ Passport funding.
Cost: Paint supplies & canvases
Approx $35-$40/person
Paint by numbers $20-$40/per painting

Cooking and Baking

Cooking & Baking

Easy to follow recipes for baking (and others)
Resources: YouTube recipes Tasty
Costs: Various

International Cooking

Cooking together by country
Resources: YouTube
Cost: $15-$30/recipe


Individuals and staff seek extra treats (sprinkles, green Jello, candy embellishments) and add these to the baked goods
Resources: Seasonal Packages found in-store (No Frills or Metro), spruced up with extras
Cost: $5-$15 total


Hallway exercises

Daily walks & stretches in the hallways of apartment buildings
Resources: Staff support, stretches
Cost: Free

Walking local trails

Walks along the beach! In local community and using nature as focus. Time limited
Resources: City of Toronto Trail Guide
Cost: Free


Gardening & Balcony gardening

  • Planting from seeds
  • Planting from seedlings purchased from local grocery stores
  • Growing vegetables in containers & herbs in small pots
  • Creating flowering beds with annuals, perennials, or a mix of both!

Resources: Activity boxes gifts, Balcony Gardening
Cost: Depending on the scope of your project, plan on $50-$300

Music and Drama

Chants and Rhymes

Childhood rhymes, I would start a well-known childhood rhyme and the individuals would say it with me, it was amazing to hear some that never spoke remember the words to them from their childhood.
Resources: Can use YouTube or the internet for words and tunes. Staff to lead.
Cost: Free

Karaoke time

Sing along and dancing
Resources: Karaoke machine
Cost: Approx. $120-$200 +tax initial investment


Sing along, dancing, playing instruments
Resources: iPods/CD’s, YouTube videos, staff share their talents
Long & McQuade Ukulele
YouTube Ukulele Lesson
Cost: Ukulele $60+tax
YouTube video lessons- FREE!


Balcony Bingo

Works great in apartment building settings where people can sit on their balconies with standard bingo cards/chips and see the “caller” who is facing the balconies on the ground using a microphone.
Resources: Staff/Volunteers, Standard Bingo cards/dabbers, speaker system
Cost: Initial cost of microphone/amp $130+tax
Bingo Cards and dabbers approx. $5/person

Virtual Bingo

Online bingo game with others
Resources: Microsoft Teams/Zoom/Google Meet
Cost: Document Camera approx. $100-$200
Cost of bingo cards and dabbers $5-10/per person

Card Games

Card games from novice to experienced.
Resources: Card games for 2
Cost: Under $5 for a deck of cards

Online Card Games

Online card games with others
Resources: Computer/Tablet
Cost: Free

Board Games/Puzzles

Weekly games of cards, and board games
Resources: Staff
Cost: Approx. $20 each

Guess the TV Show

I played old tv theme songs from the 70, 80 and 90 from popular tv shows and everyone has to guess the show, I did it through YouTube they play the theme song for 30 seconds and you have to get it, again it is pulling from their memory.
Resources: YouTube
Cost: Free

Outdoor Games

Lawn Games

Outdoor tournament
Resources: Lawn Bowling, Lawn Darts, Horsehoes, Bocce Ball
Cost: $30-$75 each

Blowing Bubbles

Great sensory fun on a warm day
Cost: Minimal

Fun with water

Cool off under the sprinklers
Washing the vans
Resources: Sprinkler, hose
Cost: cost of sprinkler

Connecting with Others

FaceTime with friends/family

Connecting with family and friends
Posing for pictures and role-playing videos to send them to their families to keep them connected.
Resources: Tablet/Phone
Cost: Free

Indoor Activities

Spa Day

Supplies from Drug Store & play spa/relaxing music
nails painted,
hair cuts
hair styling
Resources: Staff led
Cost: Individual cost – up to $10 for supplies


Movie themes such as oldies and B&W. Popcorn Movie Night
Resources: Netflix/TV
Cost: Netflix subscription and popcorn!

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