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Summer Camp @Hope Endoors

Are you searching for a fun and inclusive summer camp experience for your preteen/teen who faces challenges in learning and communication, such as individuals with Autism, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, or other neurodevelopmental conditions? Hope Endoors’ summer camp program is the answer!

We welcome individuals aged 12 and above who feel comfortable participating in community outings within a 1 staff to 5 participant ratio, can regulate their emotions without becoming aggressive towards themselves or others, and are fairly independent but may require verbal prompts for bathroom routines.

Our program offers an exciting range of themed weeks designed to provide your child with an engaging and fun-filled summer experience.

  • Week 1 is all about the “Planet & Stars,”
  • Week 2 brings the magic of “Disney,”
  • Week 3 is “Sports Week,”
  • Week 4 is an underwater adventure with “Under the Sea,” and
  • Week 5 is an “Around the World Food Frenzy.”
  • In Week 6, campers will immerse themselves in “Music Week,”
  • followed by “Marvel Madness” in Week 7, and
  • “Jurassic Park” in Week 8.
  • Finally, Week 9 is dedicated to “Super Hero” fun and games.

Families have the flexibility to choose the days that work best for them, so you can tailor your child’s summer experience to your needs.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – sign up your youth today and give them the chance to make new friends, discover new interests, and create lifelong memories! Visit our website at to learn more about the program and read testimonials from previous campers and their families.