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Job Coaching Strategies to Support People with a Disability [webinar]

Ever feel like people get over or under-supported? Have bad job retention rates? Aren’t getting enough repeat hires from your employers?

This half-day event is focused on creating independence in the workplace and is designed to equip participants with practical skills, cutting-edge techniques, and valuable insights to empower people with various disabilities to maximize their potential.

Here are some key reasons why you should consider sending your staff or attending yourself:

  1. Overcoming Support Challenges: Discover effective strategies to provide the right level of support, ensuring individuals neither feel over nor under-supported in their workplace.
  2. Improving Job Retention: Gain valuable insights into enhancing job retention rates, reducing turnover, and creating a supportive environment that encourages individuals to stay in their positions.
  3. Securing Repeat Hires: Learn how to establish strong partnerships with employers, resulting in increased repeat hires and ongoing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Event Details
Date: October 4th & 5th to run consecutively both mornings
Time: 9:00 am to 11:30 am (EST)
Location: Zoom online

There are also currently 7 spots open for, ‘Cutting Edge Job Development‘ training.

Event Details
Time: October 10th & 11th to run consecutively both mornings
Time: 9 – 12:30 pm (EST)
Location: Zoom online

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