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An Introduction to Parent and Caregiver Advocacy in Ontario Schools [webcast]

When: Wednesday September 20 at 7pm

Navigating the education system, when your child has diverse learning needs, can often feel overwhelming. Having a good understanding of the system and knowing what resources are available can equip families with the tools they need to advocate for their child’s education.

In this webcast, panelists will offer insights on how to advocate for your child’s education and explore important educational legislation and resources. 

In this webcast, we will discuss:

  • An overview of the education system in Ontario, including looking at legislation, how decisions are made, and how funding is allocated.
  • Families’ and caregivers’ roles in the IEP and IRPC process.
  • What support is available to families and caregivers within the school system.
  • How parents can use advocacy tools to navigate challenging or complex situations.

This webcast includes a live Q&A with our panelists. The webcast will be recorded and made available for one month after the air date.

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