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Banking Safety Tips

  1. Never lend your card to anyone. It is the key to your bank account and is for your use only.
  2. Protect your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Memorize that number instead of writing it down for safe keeping. Don’t choose an easy PIN to guess, like 111 or 222 or something like your birthday that other people could easily guess.
  3. Never give your PIN to anyone. NOTE: No one from your bank will ever ask you for your PIN.
  4. Have your card ready when going to the automatic teller so that you can get your money quickly and safely.
  5. Be aware of anyone hanging around the area of your automatic teller. If you are suspicious of anyone or anything then leave right away and contact the police.
  6. When using the bank machine, use your hand or body to prevent others from seeing what you are doing with the buttons.
  7. Remember to get back your card, your cash, and your transaction record after you have finished using the machine.
  8. After you have your cash, do not count it at the machine. Place it in your purse or wallet and count it later, privately.
  9. Report any lost or stolen cards to your bank and police right away.
  10. Never give your card information to anyone on the phone unless it is a company that you have contacted first.
  11. Never lend your credit/debit card to anyone.
  12. Sign new credit/debit cards as soon as you get them and destroy the expired ones.

Created with the support of the City of Toronto

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