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How to Prevent Falls in the Community

Many Seniors Agencies provide a variety of support services to assist in community access and in-home assistance. A person with a developmental disability may require additional supports. Often funding assistance for these additional supports is available through a government program. In Ontario, individuals who live at home with family may make application for supports to assist in community access through the Special Services at Home Program through the local Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services office. Refer to the links at the end of the document.

  • Ensure walkways, paths and outdoor steps are in good repair.
  • Install good outside lighting on steps and pathways.
  • Remove snow, ice and debris such as branches, stones off pathways and stairs.
  • Use sand or salt in winter months.
  • Avoid sidewalks that are in disrepair and ask for assistance if needed from a passerby.
  • Use ice pick prongs on a cane in winter months.
  • Check the weather before leaving and dress appropriately.
  • Wear proper walking shoes and/or boots with non-slip soles and heels of reasonable height.
  • Make sure to carry identification that is up to date including emergency contacts, medications, Dr.’s name and number.
  • Program under the name “ICE” in case of emergency contact number on your cell phone. Police and paramedics will look for this.
  • Avoid going out in days of high heat, humidity or with high smog levels.
  • Take water to remain hydrated.
  • Consider the best time of day to be out in the community.
  • On bright days, sunglasses may be recommended by your Doctor to assist in reducing glare and improving vision.
  • Go with a friend or companion whenever possible.
  • Be observant to the surroundings and alert to traffic at all times. “Stop, Look and Listen.” Ontario’s Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services website. Information on Programs and services such as Special Services at Home. A Seniors Social and information website Information on Senior’s Agencies in Ontario Information on ordering Medical alert bracelets, Necklaces etc.

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