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10 Characteristics of Valued Employees

Are you new to the workforce? Do you not have a lot of work experience? Do you wonder, “What do I possibly have to offer an employer”?

If you were to do an online search for the most valuable employee character traits, you’d see that some of the top things employers are looking for are related to your personality. In other words, things you have total control over!

Here are some examples of important traits employers look for:

  1. Being dependable
  2. Carefully following instructions
  3. Managing time and materials efficiently
  4. Positive attitude/Getting along with a variety of people
  5. Maintaining good health
  6. Being on time
  7. Being flexible to try new things or working different hours
  8. Being loyal to the employer
  9. Working as a team member
  10. Be neat and clean in appearance

So the next time you think you don’t have anything to offer an employer – THINK AGAIN

While diplomas and experience might be required for some jobs, being a good employee means so much more. Many employers just want someone who will take the job seriously and try their best. Going for a job interview? Make sure you reference the points above as being some of your key strengths. The result might surprise you.

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