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Making Work Work

Presenter: Michael Mackenzie, Employment/Volunteering Opportunities Developer

Montage offers an innovative approach to employment and volunteering. MakingWorkWork, as an integral component of the person directed planning process, works 1:1 with people to discover, develop and implement an employment plan that meets their own interests, abilities, skills and goals. We use a Customized Employment model that builds on an umbrella of themes that are identified through a discovery process where key information is drawn from the person’s perspective, and then is balanced against the insights of family, friends, circles of support, and other points of connection in the community. Establishing what their ‘role’ is at home and in other environments helps to reveal transferrable attributes.

A primary driving force of Customized Employment is how we connect with Employers first to identify what their needs are and how Montage, and the job seekers we support can address and meet those needs. We offer business solutions that affect the business bottom line.

Download the Making Work Work Manual
MakingWorkWork – Workbook – October 2018

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