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1:1 to 12:1 Structured Transition Engagement Programs (STEPS) by a NextStep Support

720 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2R4, Canada
720 Bathurst Street Toronto Ontario M5S 2R4 CA

Graduating from High School?

Know what to do after High School. Comprehensive transition program from High School through to Adulthood

My 1st STEP  is a call to action! It is specifically designed for individuals who are transitioning into the community for the first time. It is a structured program that focuses on personal development and teaches the skills necessary for members to be in the community and share spaces.

It is best for members who have graduated from high school and are interested in a full-time program with continuing education, but are not yet ready for employment. Learning groups are staffed at a 2:1 – 3:1 participant to staff ratio. Activity fees extra.

At Home and Need things to Do in Your Day?

Live a life of choice incorporating all of your needs, including: Social, Recreation, Leisure, Work & Community Living.

Community STEP Program is best for members who want to work on both job skills and independent living skills.  Members increase independence in the community;  community & transit skills, life skills for increased independence; coaching to understand laws and/or social expectations; and needs assistance socializing with peers. Learning groups are staffed at a 3:1 – 6:1 participant to staff ratio. Activity fees extra.

Ready for Employment?

Flexible Part-time, Work-share and Full-time employment.Comprehensive Job training and Employment opportunities; Daytime, Evening, Weekend, Holiday and Overnights.

Our Work STEP programs are best for adults who are ready to transition into the workforce. Participants may face a variety of barriers to employment, including: disability, lack of education or experience, or socio-economic barriers. Participants learn to navigate and engage in workplace settings.

Programs utilize our NextStep Clubhouse, located at 1105 College Street, Toronto, Ontario and our shared spaces at the Centre for Social Innovation, located at 720 Bathurst Street. The Centre for Social Innovation is part of the Annex community. CSI Annex is a five-story, beautifully restored brick and beam building; packed with innovators. Each of the co-working floors has a unique vibe. Individual costs may vary.

We have a program suitable for you if you:

  • Are independent in most self-care skills
  • Can travel independently or requires support
  • May require one to one assistance for daily activities
  • May have significant behavior issues

This program is not suitable for you if you:

  • Are not independently mobile

Ratios: Members move from one program to another as skills are acquired and their support needs are decreased. Programs are staffed at: 1 staff to 1 participant, 1 staff to 2 participants, 1 staff to 3 participants, 1 staff to 6 participants & 1 staff to 12 participants.

Languages supported in the program: English

Program hours: 8:30 am – 8:30 pm

Dates: Monday – Sunday, year-round

Cost: Variable based on program & activities, $24 and up.

Agency/Organization: NextStep Support

Program Contact: Amberley Henry

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NextStep Support

Our services empower individuals of differing abilities to lead active and rewarding lives in their communities. We look at a person’s entire day for inspiration in providing Social, Recreation, Leisure, Work & Community Living activities and supports. Our services are developed to encourage personal development; promote community inclusion, develop increased independence and support lifelong growth.

NextStep hosts social events, group activities and skills development sessions for young adults 18+ years old. We provide Group Facilitation Services, Community Skills Training & Opportunities for Employment to our members, who participated in the events and activities we host.

NextStep Support services are provided to youth and adults with a complexity of needs and circumstances and who may be diagnosed with: ASD/autism, developmental exceptionalities, ADD, FASD, ABI and/or face emotional, behavioural or social challenges. We have a range of specialized services including day time programs; behavioural consulting; language & communication skills development; home programming; community facilitation; respite services; as well as job specific skills training.

Our services are delivered at the location specific to that individual; including home, school, day program, or residential program.