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ABA Therapy


We provide various forms of care to meet your needs:

Comprehensive ABA Therapy

Involves one-to-one direct teaching from multiple developmental domains during each session to help increase independence. This intensive form of ABA therapy can be suitable for many individuals depending on their needs and goals.

Focused ABA Therapy

Provides care to the individual with direct support from mediators (e.g. parents, caregivers) to ensure success. It is beneficial for individuals who require treatment for key functional skills or priority care for acute problem behaviour. Focused services typically target 1-3 goals at a time which are the most meaningful for the individual.

Parent Coaching

Focuses on helping make parenting children with special needs easier by providing parents with the tools and knowledge to navigate challenging behaviours. It merges ABA teachings and techniques with the uniqueness of the child in the home environment.

Benefits of Care

ABA therapy can help you achieve your goals in a positive and collaborative way to help create a more relaxed and enjoyable home for the entire family.

Some examples of how this can be achieved include:

  • Making going out in the community or to other’s homes less stressful
  • Making dinners as a family possible
  • Less time trying to complete daily routines
  • Children playing together happily

Maximizing Your Care with ABA

ABA therapy can be used in conjunction with other forms of therapy and treatment, offered at Spark, to improve and meet your needs of care.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists (OTs) help people of all ages to develop, recover or maintain participation in everyday activities. OTs provide interventions to support self-care (e.g. toileting, bathing, dressing), productivity (e.g. working, going to school) and leisure (e.g. hobbies, sports and social activities). OTs help children participate in functional activities they want and need to do throughout their day. Skills are targeted through a fun, play-based approach that integrates your child’s physical, cognitive and sensory needs. They work collaboratively with ABA to enhance skill acquisition and behavioural regulation through the completion of daily activities.

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Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-Language Pathology services are available for individuals with a diagnosis of Autism, developmental delay, or specific communication challenges. Speech-Language Pathology can provide assessment, intervention and consultation services to assist individuals with specific concerns about communication skills. Speech Therapists offer recommendations for facilitating and improving communication skills, including assisting with developing an augmentative communication system should it be required. They work collaboratively with ABA to ensure coordination of intervention, maximize behavioural regulation, and facilitate communication and developmental skills.

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Costs of Care

Our services cater to both in-home and in-centre care. The total cost of care depends on the needs of the individual as each assessment and treatment plan is completely customized.

The base hourly rates for ABA services are as follows:

Service / Cost (Per Hour)

  • Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) / $119.92
  • BCBA Assistant / $99.75
  • Behaviour Therapist / $58.19

1. Prices are in CAD and subject to change. HST not included.

2. All therapy is overseen by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst who will, in most cases, conduct your learner’s assessment, create their programming, prepare a behaviour plan, and provide ongoing supervision and oversight for the duration of the therapy.

3. With care from our Behaviour Therapists, it includes both the “direct time” that they spend with you and your learner and the “indirect time” which includes travel to and from their home, planning time for the session, and documentation time for written session notes and captured data.

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Spark Lifecare

At Spark, we are all about relationships and making sure that we customize our approach to meet the needs of each individual. In choosing our ABA team and program, we can offer:

  • A collaborative approach working with all professionals involved in the individual’s Circle of Care
  • In-home, community or centre-based services
  • An individualized approach to meeting the specific goals and needs of you and your family
  • Educational parent training and youth-based programs