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Recreation Program

6-1621 McEwen Drive, Whitby ON L1N 9A5

Our Recreation Program runs in the evenings and on weekends and provides unique and fun programming for individuals with developmental disabilities ages 15 and older.

Examples of events we run year-round include;

  • Dances
  • Dinner & Movie Nights
  • Pub Nights
  • Cooking Classes
  • Community Outings
  • Bowling
  • Weekend Cabin Retreats
  • Art Workshops
  • Musicals/Productions
  • Camp Wabikon

This program is suitable for you if you:

  • Can be safely supported in a 1:4 ratio or can provide a support person to attend with you
  • Enjoy group activities
  • Able to participate in a variety of programs and activities

This program is not suitable for you if you:

  • Require one to one assistance for most daily activities and cannot provide a support person to help with those needs
  • Have significant behavior issues
  • Dislike group activities or participating in groups


Varies based on event

We strive for a ratio of 1 staff or volunteer to 4 participants

Languages supported in the program:


Program hours: 

Program hours vary depending on the event. They all occur in evenings and on weekends.


Year-round programming – dates vary.

View all events at


Costs vary depending on event and can be found on our booking site


Sunrise Developmental Support Services

Program Contact: 

Amber McKinley, Program Manager –

Intake Process:

We ask all participants to email or call the organization to arrange a tour/interview.


Sunrise Developmental Support Services

Sunrise Developmental Support Services is a registered charity founded in 1991 that provides supports and services for individuals with developmental disabilities ages 15+.

Our Recreation Program runs in the evenings and on weekends providing unique and interaction activities and events.
We offer a variety of events year-round that are inclusive and lots of fun.
Dinner & Movie Nights
Cabin Retreats
Art Workshops
Pub Nights
Cooking Classes
Community Outings
Camp Wabikon

Our Day Program runs Monday-Friday from 9am until 4pm.
With a 1:4 ratio or better we offer unique, inclusive and versatile programming in a safe and supported environment.
Each weekday offers diverse programs that ensure engagement, skill development and opportunities for friendship and community engagement.
Our Day Program supports 16 permanent spots each day of the week and has an ongoing waitlist. We encourage families/guardians interested in our Day Program to complete the interview/tour process as early as possible to ensure they are on our waitlist.

Our Community Program is a Day Service that runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays out of Camp Samac and Lake Vista Community Centre that aims to provide a link between individuals with disabilities and their community.

Hours of Operation 9am-4pm.
Our Community Program includes structured programs and planned community outings that encourage the use of public transportation and develop skills around navigating the community safely while having fun.