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What does Employment Mean to You?

An Employment Supports Questionnaire

True or False:

  1. Community Living Toronto’s Employment Supports department is associated with ODSP.
  2. I am allowed to look for work on my own while I am with Employment Supports/Job Placement Services.
  3. ODSP Employment Supports guarantees I get a paid job.
  4. My Job Coach will allow me to work independently and will not go to work with me every day.
  5. The best person to guarantee your success at work is you.
  6. If I don’t want paid employment, Job Placement Services will set me up with permanent unpaid training opportunities.
  7. If I am having trouble at work, Job Placement Services will help me out.
  8. Job Placement Services won’t find me part-time employment.
  9. I might lose some or all of my ODSP Income Support benefits if I work.


  1. TRUE – Community Living Toronto is one of several ODSP Employment Supports service providers.
  2. TRUE – You are more than welcome to find a job on your own. If you do find an employer who is interested in hiring or interviewing you, we can assist you and, if necessary, will meet with the employer in order to explain our services further.
  3. FALSE – Getting hired depends on your commitment, skills, attitude, and many other factors. Job Placement Services can provide you with a job opportunity, but it is up to you to get yourself hired.
  4. TRUE – Community Living Toronto’s Job Placement Services will assist you in your job search and can provide initial support during training. Ultimately you will be expected to work independently. We are always just a phone call away to help you deal with difficult situations.
  5. TRUE – While employment situations do not always work out, it is always up to you to impress the employer with a positive attitude, strong work ethics and the willingness to learn the job. If nothing else, leaving a good impression on one employer makes for a great reference.
  6. FALSE – ODSP Employment Supports is set up ONLY for paid (minimum wage or higher) job placements. Job Placement Services provides employment supports for individuals with intellectual disabilities as outlined under the policy directives of the ODSP Employment Supports.
  7. TRUE – Job Placement Services will provide you with support as needed. It is important to keep in mind that ODSP Employment Supports is not geared towards individuals requiring long-term one-on-one support. Your Job Coach will only be on the job-site as needed.
  8. FALSE – Job Placement Services is connected with employers who need all types of employees – part-time, full-time, and even seasonal.
  9. TRUE – Although having a job typically means you will have more money in your household budget, your ODSP Income Supports benefits may be affected by the amount of money you earn. Speak to your ODSP caseworker if this is a concern.

For more information on ODSP Employment Supports, go to: or call us at (416) 750-0666

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