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Internet Safety Tips

  1. NEVER give out any personal information such as your address, telephone number, or the name and location of your workplace
  2. NEVER agree to get together with someone you ‘meet’ online without taking a trusted friend or family member with you to meet in a public place
  3. ALWAYS agree to meet in a public place
  4. NEVER send anyone your picture – Don’t accept any pictures either
  5. NEVER respond to any messages that make you feel uncomfortable
  6. ALWAYS remember the people you meet online are still strangers. The people you are talking to may not be who they say they are
  7. NEVER send an insulting or rude message to anyone online.
  8. Use a fake name, code name or a nick name
  9. Report any harassment or nasty messages to your online service and to the Police
  10. Set your browser to say NO to ‘cookies’

Created with the support of the City of Toronto

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