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How to use an Elimination Record

The Elimination Record allows you to keep track of when a child is soiled or dry, and if he urinates or has a bowel movement in the toilet.

Pants Column

In the column marked pants you will record every hour either:

  • D – if he is dry
  • U – if he has urinated in pants
  • BM – if he has a bowel movement

Of course, you don’t have to wait an entire hour. Anytime you think he is wet, check him, write in the time on the chart, and record the results.

Toilet Column

If you do put him on the toilet, record the results in the Toilet column in the same way. (However, you don’t need to start putting him on the toilet yet until you have discovered his elimination pattern from your hourly dry checks).

  • N – if he didn’t eliminate in the toilet
  • U – if he has urinated in the toilet
  • BM – if he has a bowel movement

As you can see, record keeping will take you no more than a minute each hour, yet this is the most important part of your toilet training program.

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