Friends and Relationships

The importance of having friends and building relationships

We come together as a group from all walks of life to share our experiences and desires.

The Larger Circle
We clasp the hands of those that go before us,
And the hands of those who come after us.
We enter the little circle of each other’s arms
And the larger circle of lovers,
Whose hands are joined in a dance
And the larger circle of all creatures
Passing in and out of life
Who move also in a dance
To a music so subtle and vast that no ear hears it
Except in fragments.

by Wendell Berry


Work Group Guiding Principles and Values

  • We believe that relationships offer safety, support, value, purpose and a sense of belonging.
  • We believe that human development is a lifelong process.
  • We respect, value and learn from our diversity.
  • We believe that we have a responsibility to inspire the development of relationships.
  • We believe that relationships are a right to all human beings.

Romeo raps about the guiding principles

Kelly talks about what it means to be on the DSTO Council

Group presentation at the DSTO Information Fair 2014

Contact us

For more information about the Relationship Work Group please contact Linda Ger-Walters

Personal statements about relationships

A poem about being in love

Lost and Now I’m Found

A short documentary by Romeo exploring trans identity, belonging and family dynamics.

Tools for Teaching about Relationships and Sexuality

Road to Relationship Game

A fun and interactive card game that has characteristics/quality of a person which creates friendly and constructive debates that can benefit participants and open their minds to new ideas and feelings. Read more

Autism & 90-90-90: Reaching for the Goal

Presenting preliminary findings on ACT’s “ASD & HIV Prevention Needs Assessment” survey and explaining the impact the autism spectrum has on negotiating safer sex, accessing services, and community connection. Read more

Municipal or Regional Public Health departments often will come in to present sexuality material to groups or schools. If you do not feel comfortable presenting some of the information contact your local Public Health department. Here is a list of workshops offered by Toronto Public Health. List of Public Health workshops

The Relationship Work Group

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