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York Region: Why Wait Demonstration Project

York Region Lifetime Independent Facilitation

The York Region “Why Wait” Collaborative Demonstration Project provided four innovative housing models to eight individuals identified on the DSO eligibility list. The models are individualized to suit each person’s needs and desires, yet share several components in support of long-term sustainability: Independent Facilitation, incorporated microboards, coordinated agency-based staffing supports, and shared administrative costs including for fund administration, brokerage, and QAM oversight.

Live-in Caregiver Model (Housing Model 1)


Jonathon has his own separate apartment in the family home basement with a separate entrance and with 24 hour live in support.


Amanda lives in her own self-contained apartment in the family home basement and is supported by staff.

Technology Model with the right support at the right time (Housing model 2)

This model relies on technology to support the overnights, rather than a in-house staff. These three housemates share a rental accommodation and staff support during “common” times (evening meal times) and utilize PSW support for the morning care routines (Ministry of Health funded support through the LHIN). All other staff is individualized, allowing them to have ongoing access to activities of choice.



Right support at the right time with technology (Housing Model 3)

This individual has a very active social life and many interests in his community. He has individualized staffing for various portions of the day/evening to support his access to these activities. When in the home, the use of technology and sharing of staff support for meals has greatly reduced the cost of staff support.


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