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Anti-Bullying: Session 1

What is a Bully? (Week One)

  1. Hello Song
  2. Review visual schedule/rules
  3. Puppet Show: Script for what is a bully:
    • Act out scenario
    • Feedback from kids on puppets’ actions: “What did Daisy do?” 
    • Skill Development:
      • a bully gives physical hurts
      • a bully uses mean words
      • a bully uses scary words
  4. Freeze Dance
  5. Read part one from “Bye-Bye Bully”
  6. Clapping Game
  7. Read “Bullying is Wrong”
  8. Hurray Song

What is a Bully?

Puppet show scripts

[Frankie is busy colouring when Daisy approaches.]
Daisy: “Frankie, I want that red crayon.”
[Frankie stops colouring, looks at Daisy and is quiet.]
Frankie: “I’m using it now Daisy. You can have it when I’m finished.”
[Daisy pinches Frankie and takes the crayon]
Daisy: “I said give it to me…” [Daisy takes the crayon and goes away]
Frankie cries.  * Bully uses physical hurts

[Frankie is busy colouring when Daisy approaches]
Daisy: “Hey stupid, give me the red crayon”.
Frankie: “I’m not stupid Daisy and I’m using the crayon now”
Daisy: “O.K you’re ugly then… I want that crayon.”
Frankie cries, drops the crayon and walks away. * Bully uses mean words.

[Frankie is busy colouring when Daisy approaches]
Daisy: “I want that red crayon Frankie. Give it to me now”
Frankie: “I’m using it but when I’m finished you can have it Daisy”.
Daisy: “Give it to me Frankie or I will beat you up after school”.
Frankie cries, drops the crayon and runs away. * Bully uses scary words.

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