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Anti-Bullying: Session 2

Bullying: Who is a Victim? (Week Two)

  1. Hello Song
  2. Review visual schedule/rules
  3. Puppet Show: Script of “Who is a Victim?”.
    • Act out two scenarios with puppets
    • Feedback from kids on puppets’ actions in between scenarios; have children see which puppet is victim and which puppet is bully 
    • Skill Development: “Who do Bullies Bother”
    • bullies bother children that might be different in some way (smaller, wear glasses, wear different clothes, speak differently)
  4. Same and Different activity
  5. Kids’ Bill of Rights
  6. Simon Says
  7. Read Part Two from “Bye-Bye Bully”
  8. Musical Hula Hoops
  9. Read “Bullying is Wrong” book
  10. Hurray Song

Who is a Victim?

[Frankie is busy playing with a car when Daisy approaches.]
Daisy: “Frankie, why are you so short?”
[Frankie keeps playing with the car and tries to ignore Daisy.]
Daisy [pokes Frankie]: “I’m talking to you, shorty. You are sooo small you look like a baby.”

[Frankie stops playing with the car and looks at Daisy]
Frankie: “That’s not nice Daisy”
Daisy: “Are you going to cry baby, wa wa wa wa” [taunts Frankie and pokes him. Frankie cries.]

[Frankie is busy talking to a friend when Daisy approaches]
Daisy: “Hey big nose, how can you see over your huge nose?”
Frankie: “That’s rude Daisy.”
Daisy: “O.K big nose, why don’t you go and hide in the corner, big nose, big nose” [pushes Frankie]
Frankie: “Stop it” [walks away crying.]

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