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Anti-Bullying: Session 4

Telling vs. Tattling? (Week Four)

  1. Hello Song
  2. Review visual schedule/rules
  3. Review Kids’ Bill of Rights
  4. Puppet show: Script of scenario “Telling vs. Tattling” with the puppets:
    • Act out two scenarios with puppets
    • Feedback from kids on puppets’ actions in between scenarios; first scenario shows puppet tattling to get someone in trouble, the second scenario has someone telling to get someone out of trouble 
    • Skill Development:
      • telling is when you tell an adult to get someone out of trouble
      • tattling is when you tell an adult to get someone in trouble 
  5. Read Story of “Telling is o.k.” 
  6. Games: One Potato, Motorboat, Silly Bones, We are Special Chant
  7. Goodbye Song

Telling vs. Tattling?

Inappropriate Way:
Frankie [is scribbling on a paper while the teacher is saying “everyone draw a flower”]
Daisy [looks over and sees Frankie scribbling and says:] “Teacher, Frankie is just scribbling, he is not drawing a flower”

Appropriate Way:
[Frankie is busy drawing when Daisy approaches.]
Daisy: “Give me that paper, that’s an ugly picture Frankie”
[Frankie tries to ignore Daisy.]
Daisy [pushes Frankie, grabs the paper and crumples it up]: “I said give it to me, you better listen from now on” [Daisy pushes Frankie again]
Frankie [begins to cry and says:]Stop it”
Zawar [who is watching this goes to get a teacher:] “Teacher, Daisy is hurting Frankie”

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