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Infant and Early Years Mental Health Play Statements


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Attachment = Attunement + Dependability

When you are responsive and sensitive to what your baby “serves”, you can form a “return” response that creates a loving and supportive environment that children can thrive in. 

Attachment statement


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Communication = Understanding + Expression

Language-rich environments are the foundation for future learning success.

Communication statement

Emotional Development

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Emotional Development = Recognition + Attention

Responsive care-giving establishes the foundation of emotional development.

Emotional Development statement


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Empathy = Care + Understanding

Empathy plays an important role in the development of social skills.

Empathy statement

Positive Thoughts

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Positive Thoughts = Healthy Experiences + Supportive Environments

Positive thoughts can help build positive self esteem

Positive Thoughts statement


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Resilience = Love + Care + Safe Learning Opportunities

Feeling safe to try new things promotes the ability to deal with obstacles.

Resilience statement

Self Regulation

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Self Regulation = Responsiveness + Role Modelling 

Self-regulation develops when adults respond sensitively to a child’s needs.

Self Regulation statement


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Wellbeing = Brain + Body

Positive physical touch provides opportunities for gentle and loving time together.

Wellbeing statement

We thank the team of dedicated professionals in the Etobicoke Brighter Futures Coalition that developed these IEMH Play Statements.

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