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    Alexandra Shannan

      Are you a person with a disability, or someone who is supporting a person(s) with a disability, who has a goal to live more independently?

      Do you want to connect with others who are in the process of planning, or who want to create a plan?

      Why not introduce yourself, tell us a bit about where you live, where you are at in the process, and why you would like to connect with others…


      My name is Alex, I live in Toronto with my family. I’m hoping to move out in the next 3-5 years and would like to live with a roommate or two. My family and I have just started to talk about this and would like to connect with others who are also thinking about planning, as well as those who are further along in the planning process, and/or who are already living in their own home.

      We would like to meet others to share the information and resources we gather along the way, and to learn from the experiences of others. We are also interested in connecting with people who might be looking to move out in the next few years, and live with a roommate. I am hoping to get my own place in Toronto, close to East York.

      If you would be interested in connecting, send me a private message through Connected Families, or an email: @emailaddress

      Alexandra Shannan

        Alex Shannan here again, Housing Navigator with DSO in Toronto. During our webinars and when I connect with people by phone or email, people often ask for help with finding others in their local community/neighbourhood, who are looking to start a family group around housing or looking for people to plan with around housing and supports. With Connected Families, you can register and create a username that doesn’t reveal who you are (for example: Snowshoes). You can make posts publicly to share a little about who you are, what part of the province/city you live in (for example: Toronto – East End or Hamilton – Downtown). By clicking on a username, next to a post, you can then send other users’ private messages which only that person will be able to see. This can let you speak with the person to see if you have things in common and before deciding if you want to exchange more personal information, like your email address or phone number.

        If you are looking to meet others in your area, to talk or plan around housing and supports, you might consider adding a note to this thread to see if there are others in your area who might be looking for the same thing.


          Thanks for keeping this up, Alex. This portal has been useful for networking and communicating needs and availabilities. There have been many participants at the DSO webinars who I think would benefit by reaching out on this platform.

          Our family has made some meaningful connections here, to the point where we have a placement for our son coming up in 2022. I’m happy to share our success with people who meet here.

          Bruce Rosebrugh


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              Hi there! I’m Sarah, currently in the process of planning for independent living. I’m exploring options and excited to connect with others on a similar journey. Tivimate has been instrumental in keeping me organized through this process.

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