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    I’ve copied Jason’s message below so you could check out the link he provided to community participation listed on ConnectABILITY. Have you been using this list? Jason, who keep this updated?

    Not sure how familiar everyone is with ConnectABILITY, we do have a Community Participation List. Perhaps this could be extended to include more information from these hubs?
    Here is a link.…..vice-maps/


      The Community Participation listing can be used to list the hub, location and list of regularly provided programs. However, it can not provide an up to date monthly or weekly calendar of events that are being planned. used to be able to post these. I believe that DSO tr is planning to incorporate and hopefully this functionality will again be available.

      The Community Participation Listing is kept updated by the ConnectABILITY team. It is updated once per year through the use of students, volunteers or student summer employment.


        Last year we took it upon ourselves to create the same type of listing for Seniors in addition to the one mentioned earlier in the discussion.…..adulthood/

        Our hopes are to find someone or some team who could take this on as an ongoing project.


        I tried to connect to the link you provided Frances but it came up with a ‘not found’ message…


          Oops you’re right I just checked it.. Here is the correct link.


          PS – I have gone back and corrected Frances original post with the correct link as well.


          Has anyone connected with Karyn Farber regarding the list of activities? I’d like her to have a look at it.

          So, rec and volunteer opportunities…any recurring activities that youget a lot of requests for? What about job development and readiness courses?

          Do you find people are looking for full days or would prefer to select by activity?


            Frances, if you are asking about the Community Participation Listing, Karyn is aware of it and has forwarded programs to me to include on the listing.


            Karyn is going to join our meeting on february 29th. I’ll send the meeting invitation out.

            Kimberly, you said that you attended the last open house for Enhanced Day Program. What did you think?


            Yes, I went to the Enhanced Day Program Open House last month…person-centre approach, staffing ratio 1:3, they will be using some behaviour tracking software and working with a Behaviour Consultant, fee for service, the director has a background in ABI and Autism.


            I’m going to the open house to find out more about their fee for service activities.

            I’m hoping that everyone has subscribed to this conversation and I can get more feedback on activities that are of interest to young adults and their families. Thanks.


            Is there a website for the Enhanced Day Program or contact info….I know families who would be interested I bet!


            I love that when I googled “Enhanced Day Program” I readily found a link to ConnectABILITY!! Here’s the link for anyone who’d interested! Looks great!!


            I went to the open house and it currently is supporting people who need a lot of support. That was in March so it may have since changed…

          Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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