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Exploring Interest for a Workshop Series to Develop an Individualized Housing Plan

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    Alexandra Shannan

      The DSO Housing Navigator for the Northern Regions is going to be facilitating a 6-part workshop series that will provide step-by-step support with completing an Individualized Housing Plan.
      I’m wondering if people in Toronto would be interested in attending similar workshop to:

      1. create an individualized housing plan, including personal budget considerations
      2. Meet other like-minded people who are interested in creating a person-centered housing plan
      3. Create potential partnerships for shared resources and finding roommates
      4. Learn about successes of other people and their families on a similar journey


        I’m an adult on the autism spectrum. I also have anxiety disorders. I would consider this if it was easy to get to (near a TTC subway stop). I don’t get Passport though, so I might not be able to come if the DSO does it because to get Passport help you need to go through DSO.

        Alexandra Shannan

          The plan would be to offer sessions in various locations across the city, taking ease of transit, as well as parking, into consideration.
          Stay tuned!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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