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LIGHTS Partnership/Housemate Wanted

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      Looking for other families who are interested in setting up a caring household for their daughter. We have been looking in the Markland Woods area of Etobicoke but are open to other locations. My daughter is 47 years old. She is non-verbal, developmentally delayed and would require a full-time caretakers to help with her physical needs -meal prep., food control, getting to activities etc. A 3:1 ratio of clients to staff would work quite well. She is also sociable, fun and interested in many things. We stopped going to her day program during Covid but want to resume. She is going out to gym and swimming. She Zooms gym, Tai Kwan Do, cooking and Yoga classes.

      Our family plans to be very involved in her life and could have her home for weekends.

      If you would like to discuss further, please contact me at

      Bonnie Porter

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