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Looking for one or two female roommates

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      Hello! My name is Alexandria, but you can call me Alex. My mom, dad, and step-mother are working with LIGHTS to find an appropriate housing option with a live-in caregiver and at least one roommate.

      Timeline: Whenever we find the best match

      Location: Anywhere in Toronto

      Type of Housing: Rental apartment or house with 3 or 4 bedrooms

      A Little About Myself:
      I am 21 years old (in September), and I just finished high school this past June. I enjoy going to a day program twice a week. I love to make videos on my IPad from short clips on YouTube. I collect Mr. Rogers DVDs and watch some at home, and I also love to beatbox and sing. Going for walks is one of my favourite things and sometimes I will take some time to draw or paint. I am fascinated by neon OPEN signs and traffic light stops. When I’m out in a restaurant or anywhere that I don’t have my IPad, I like to play with my sensory toys.

      I am very motivated by food, but I can’t prepare anything for myself without supervision and assistance. I can shower, toilet, and get dressed by myself, but I do need light, but regular supervision. I require a caregiver to always be present.

      I have been diagnosed with ASD and am somewhat verbal. Very loud noises can cause me some distress. I like it to be calm and quiet at home.

      My Roommate:
      I am looking for one or two female roommates who enjoy doing their own thing, and with the right caregivers, would enjoy each other’s company when given the chance.

      Please reach out to LIGHTS Senior Facilitator Tom Gaspar at if interested or if you have questions.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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