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    I am trying to get feedback from parents who may be interested in participating in workshops by me whereby I will provide strategies, resources, etc. for ensuring that your adult children with mild intellectual disabilities are living to their potential and that you are coping and functioning during this challenging time in as stressless a manner as possible. These workshops would be based on my 26 years of experience, successes and research as a parent of a daughter with mild intellectual disability.
    Here are some questions that would help me determine the need for such workshops.
    1. Would such workshops be of interest to you?
    2. Would you be willing to pay for those services?
    3. Would you want them to be in person or on-line in real time as a webinar or later as podcasts?
    4. Would you want them to be a weekly series for so many sessions, weekly ongoing, once a month, a couple of times a year?
    4. Where would you be willing to take these courses if in person – Community Living Centres, other agency/social service offices/facilities such as YMCA, local community centres, private or public education centres, coffee shop facilities, other – please state where.
    5. What would you like to learn for the benefit of your child and yourself – ie. advocacy, independent living, employment, social needs, resources, meditation/relaxation, networking with other parents, communicating with professionals like doctors/banks/technology services, budgeting, financial planning…Please state your interests.
    6. What time of day would you be willing to attend these workshops?
    7. What would you like the format to be – lectures, question and answer, books or manuals, groupwork, humour injected, lots of time for parent interaction, special speakers, movies, special exhibits?
    Your feedback would be invaluable to me and for those that would like to participate.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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