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Personal Tracking Device for someone who wanders

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    Does anyone have experience with buying and using a personal tracking device for a child or adult who wanders? What brand is best, where did you get it from, what is the cost?


      Are you aware of the Vulnerable Persons Registry with the Police Department? Petra


      Yes, thanks. But also want to know what is available in terms of tracking devices.


        Hi Elizabeth,

        Here is a response I am posting on behalf of Helen:

        “I have a daughter with Down syndrome who I track when she is on TTC surface routes. My current tracking device is by Trackimo
        I have their newer model 3G Trackimo® GPS Tracker . I initially purchased the previous model but it was defective and the manufacturer replaced it with the newer better model at no extra charge (though I did pay to ship back the defective one).

        I like Trackimo because the first year of tracking is included in the purchase price that I paid and thereafter the annual cost is $5 USD per month which is pretty reasonable compared to other companies.
        The device does seem to be pretty accurate and the battery life is very good so far (we’ve had this device for 6 weeks or so). It presents the data on a Google map when I log in and I can see where my daughter is.
        The customer support so far is good since they did respond promptly when the first device was defective and did help with troubleshooting.
        However it did take a few weeks before I received the replacement device. Shipping is a bit slow.

        Keep in mind that these tracking devices don’t work indoors and don’t work on the subway so are only useful when the user is outside or in a car or bus. Sometimes if there is heavy cloud cover, gps does not work –and this applies to all gps devices.

        Prior to purchasing Trackimo, I did buy a Thinkrace gps tracker on Amazon. It was good for about 1 year and then the battery started to die and I could not easily obtain a replacement battery. The battery life on the Thinkrace that I had wasn’t very long 15 hours at most. I believe their newer models have better battery life but they have increased their monthly monitoring fees, so they are considerably more expensive to maintain, compared to Trackimo.

        Overall I do find the gps very useful as my daughter has difficulty telling me exactly where she is and it’s just easier if I can look at the map and see for myself how she’s progressing on her way to and from her programs on the TTC.


          Here is a response I am posting on behalf of Eric:

          “Currently, I am not aware of a tracking device in Canada. Below is a link to one in the US but they don’t offer Canadian service yet.
          Wayfinder 3 by Ablelink is also US based and is designed to coach someone while travel training. It could likely track someone’s movements.”


          Great information! Thanks for your responses. If anyone has experience with other systems, please send it in!


          I haven’t used a tracking device, but my son’s new cell phone is an Android device and I’m using one of the many tracking programs (Preyproject) available on that platform to track him via the internet. Of course these programs are intended for tracking phones, not people, but as a rule he has his phone with him when he’s out. We went with Wind, because they are the only provider using the infrastructure that makes WIFI access possible in some TTC subway stations.

        Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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