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    My son Kevin finished high school last year and knowing that he would not be a good candidate for employment I started investigating daytime options for him. Each year I attend the DSO fair and prior to Kevin turning 21 I gathered information on what is available (close to home hopefully), what the cost is, the type of activities & the ages of the participants. Then using that information I tried to narrow things down.
    He also attends summer Parks & Rec camps every year since he was about 8 yrs old and during his Special Friends camp session last year one of the counsellors told me about a new Parks & Rec pgm called Active8 that was beginning in October specifically for post school age kids. I signed Kevin up for both Tuesday & Thursday Active8 Camps at the Warden Hilltop location. He has attended the Fall, Winter & Spring Session and really enjoyed it. The camp is designed to handle 16 participants with 2 counsellors but so far attendance has been low. I think it may be because parents are not aware of the program.
    The camp runs from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and includes some physical activities, crafts, outings, some cooking, etc. The counsellors are excellent and Warden Hilltop is a brand new recreation community centre. (I believe there’s another location in the west end as well.)
    I’m sure there are lots of kids out there that could benefit from this program.
    Please pass on this information to anyone who might be interested.


      This sounds like a great program. Thank you Kathy for letting us know about it.

      Does anyone know of other programs that are available?

      You might also want to complete the community activities survey that a group from community agencies who offer community participation supports is conducting to find out what types of activities people are looking for. Here is the link to the survey:…..ies-survey


      Great information for others Kathy. I’ve heard that there’s also an Active8 program that runs out of Jimmy Simpson on Queen Street near Broadview Avenue.

      Are there other parents you know Kathy who might join us and share what they’ve found or questions they may have?


      I believe that Pegaus, on of the Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCS) agaencies, partners with Parks and Rec to offer the Active8 program on Thursdays at the Jimmy Simpson location.


      I’m interested in this topic, as I used to do transition planning with teens with intellectual disabilities who were close to graduating from high school. I know that some of the funding that was available when I was doing this work, like Passports and Special Services at Home, is much harder to get now, and that services are harder to access than ever.

      How are families coping? What kind of things are they doing to create meaningful days for their youth with disabilities after they graduate?


      I think we’re seeing more and more families seeking other families in like situations and pooling their resources to provide a more cost effective way to pay for activities they find in their neighbourhood. Given that there are lengthy wait lists for Ministry funded day activities, I’ve also heard that families are asking local agencies for more (affordable) fee for service options and of course going to Parks and Rec for options as well. Some families are happy to piece together day activties as it allows them to have more choice and really tailor activities to their adult child’s interests. They’d obviously be happier if there was funding to make it easier but are making do with what they have or have been able to cobble together by partnering with other families!


      Laura, If there are families interested in connecting with other families also looking for post secondary school options would LIGHTS facilitate this?

      Jenna Martinuzzi

        I am a Summer Camp Councllor at Parks and Receration- Antibes Community Centre in the Preschool Summer Camps. I love my Summer job it’s really fun. I first started as a Co-op student since highschool and The City Of Toronto hired me to work in the summer programs they really like me. And The City Of Toronto asked me if I wanted to volunteer to Volunteer in the Tiny Tot Fall Spring and Winter Programs. I reccomend that everyone should stay active play exersice not video games or watching tv in the SUMMER.


        There are four Community Centres that have Active8 programs. Some are supported by Community Living Toronto. For information and registration please call Adapted Programs and Integrated Services – Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation 416-397-4690. They also have other options such as Pop Can which is supported by Community Living Toronto. It is a drop in program that runs every Saturday evening at Wallace Emerson Community Centre.


          Check out the Community Participation Supports page for more information on Active 8 and other programs in Toronto.…..-supports/

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