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      My name is Wesley, I am a 30 year old male.

      I am looking for a two-bedroom apartment in the Toronto area. As such I am looking for a potential roommate to share living costs with. This ideal roommate is respectful, tidy (can also share cleaning duties in the house), easygoing and outgoing, as well as independent. Additionally, I am not looking to share supports as I myself can do most things without assistance.

      In my immediate area, I’m looking for a place within numerous neighborhoods, such as Throrncliffe Park, Beaches Area, Victoria Park, Danforth, etc. The main criteria is that the apartment is well kept, must be in a safe area, close to amenities such as the grocery store, and be near a transportation line (TTC or GO Train).

      I have a few interests. Currently, I am studying Graphics Design at George Brown, but on my own time, I like video games and live streaming them. Additionally, I exercise and read from time to time, and before the pandemic came around, used to go to Anime Conventions quite frequently. A roommate also with these interests would be nice to have.

      I am currently planning my new living situation with help from LIGHTS at Community Living Toronto and I am aiming to move starting mid-late 2022. I am looking to get to know potential roommates very well before deciding whether or not to move in together. If you are interested in meeting to get to know one another, contact me through Mike Adair at

      I look forward to meeting with you.



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    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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