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      ABOUT ME

      I am a 38-year-old male living with autism spectrum disorder. I have been living in my current apartment for five years and am looking for a roommate to share it with me.

      I have a Support Worker who comes to the apartment twice a week to assist me with cleaning, menu planning, grocery shopping, and laundry. We also go on various outings throughout the City, with my favourite places being the AGO, ROM, and Casa Loma. I am open to sharing this Support Worker with my roommate or, if this is not possible, to my roommate having his or her own support.

      I also like to read a lot and play computer games that involve strategy.

      I have a small family who is very supportive. My mother lives not too far away and is interested in supporting me in finding a roommate who might be compatible with me and who has a family with whom we can partner to create the best possible living environment within the apartment.


      I live in a two-bedroom apartment that is fully furnished (except for the bedroom of my new roommate). The apartment is located at Bathurst and Lakeshore, so is very accessible to the TTC. It is quite spacious and has a good view of the lake. Rent is very reasonable.


      I am looking for a roommate who might like to do things together but also will respect that we both might need some time alone. Someone who is cheerful, kind, and communicative would be ideal. It would be great if we could eat our evening meal together, at least part of the time.

      Most of all, I want an environment where both my roommate and I can feel happy and relaxed when we come home.


      My family and I would like to connect with people who are currently interested in moving out or in changing their living situation.
      We are partnering with LIGHTS, so please contact Mike Adair at if you have any questions, or are interested in connecting with us.

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