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      Hi, I’m Maxine and I’m looking for a roommate to share a 4- bedroom suite in a detached home in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood with a live-in caregiver and myself.

      A little about myself: I am 36 years old and very social and friendly. I like to be active in my community by attending West Toronto KEYS to INclusion (KEYS) in the Jane and Annette area during weekdays and volunteering after KEYS at the Grenadier Senior’s Home. I also enjoy going to Dramaway at Swansea Town Hall, Swansea Saturday afternoon programs, Dance Rock, being active in High Park for walks, visiting the High Park Zoo, and relaxing by doing puzzles, crafting, or watching TV.

      I was born in this house near Roncesvalles. It has been renovated to create 2 units with me living on the second and third floors while my parents have downsized to the main floor and lower level. I love where I live and I’m very lucky to have a strong support circle in my neighbourhood, including my parents, older brother Nick and his family down the street, extended family, and friends! It really is an amazing community around here in which I feel very involved.

      My Roommate: I’d really like to have a roommate who, like me, goes to a program during the day and would enjoy eating breakfast and dinner together, spending some time together going for walks, doing puzzles, or hanging out. Ideally, a woman who might be a bit quieter, respectful, and wants to learn more skills to live more independently. I really like having a friend to share some but not all activities all the time. Luckily, my new apartment allows for private time in our own rooms as well as together time upstairs on the third floor. I am very much looking forward to sharing the apartment with a friend and caregiver!

      If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Mike Adair at LIGHTS by email to chat more and he can connect you with me and my support circle.

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