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Spencer is looking for a Roommate

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      About Me:

      I am a 25-year-old male with MID (Mild Intellectual Disability). I have been living with a roommate for about 3 years.

      I currently have a support worker who visits me 2 times per week for 4 hours per visit. I require minimal support to assist me with grocery shopping, laundry, deep cleaning of the apartment, and cooking. I am open to sharing the support worker with my roommate or to my roommate having their own support.

      I am an enthusiastic fan of televised sports and I participate in some sports. I also enjoy listening to music and watching sporting events in sports bars & restaurants or movies on Netflix. I work out in a gym occasionally.

      I do not drink or smoke.

      I love my family’s dogs, but I would prefer not to live with any pets.

      I appreciate cleanliness and I keep things neat and tidy, especially in common spaces.

      I am friendly, I like to laugh and I am easy-going, independent, and socially flexible.

      My Roommate:

      I am looking for a male roommate (20 to 35 years old) who shares similar interests and living preferences.

      I would appreciate someone who is friendly, communicative, and has a sense of humour.

      I would like to be friendly and social with my roommate and participate in some activities together.

      I am also resourceful and independent and enjoy some of my time alone.

      I would prefer an individual who is relaxed, happy, and feels comfortable in a shared living environment.


      My family and I wish to connect with individuals who are looking for independent living in a clean, communicative, and friendly environment.

      We are partnering with LIGHTS, so if you are interested or have supplemental questions, please contact Mike Adair at

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