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Technology to Support Independence

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    Alexandra Shannan

    I’m interested to hear about what tecnology people are using to increase their independence and maybe even to support living more independently.

    Does anyone have examples of apps or products they are using or would like to use?

    Any tips or suggestions?

    Do others have different questions?

    Alexandra Shannan

    Here is a great online resource to help with finding technology app’s and products.

    HABILHOME: A directory of applications and connected objects that can support independence.

    The Habilhome directory is an inventory of mobile applications and connected objects that have the potential to support the development of various skills in people with functional disabilities to increase their independence.

    The inventory allows people with disabilities and those supporting them, to find applications (apps) and/or technology products that can meet the specific needs of a person, or those supporting them. It uses keywords and other search criteria.

    The inventory is divided into 12 distinct categories: food, budget, communication, housekeeping, time management, clothing, hygiene, recreation and well-being, health, safety, work and preschool and primary learning.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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