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    Hello everyone,
    My name is Angelica and I work with a 29 year old autistic man named Zack. Zack is mostly self sufficient in his day to day but will never work and will most likely always need supervision for leaving the house.
    Recently, Zack’s father and I moved him into a house which is divided into 3 rental apartments. Zack lives on the top floor with our former housekeeper and she takes him to and from his day program.
    Zack lived in a group home for a couple of years and it was decided it was not a good fit for him, as it is too disruptive. Now that his father is getting older, we have started looking at ways of ensuring a stable future, especially his residency. The house is where we started.
    Because of the pandemic we had to scramble with everything being turned upside down (officially bought the house the day the lockdown was announced!). Going forward we were hoping to find a roommate/housemate for the other apartments and for Zack.
    It’s a completely renovated house with top of the line security, access to TTC, grocery stores etc. We chose it with the ideology that if something ever happened to us, Zack would still be able to live his life the way he did and still live at his house. The house is located on Avenue Road near Eglinton.
    We don’t have a concrete idea of what we’re looking for, we just figured if the right fit came along, we would work something out together.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)