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    @MichelleMG How did you get the assessor to come to your house on 3 separate occasions?

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    This forum is a key project component is undertaking in partnership with Kerry’s Place Autism Services, Geneva Centre for Autism, Community Living Toronto and Autism Ontario. A number of professionals, parents, and individuals on the spectrum have been brought together to act as moderators for this forum. Welcome!

    Part of this project involves speaking with caregivers and people on the spectrum from all over the province about their personal experiences applying to DSO for passport funding. So far we’ve had the opportunity to speak with over 20 families/individuals, and we’ve heard all kinds of accounts and out of the box solutions to some of the barriers people on the spectrum or their caregivers have faced when navigating the Passport process.

    Some of these suggestions include:
    – request that your accessor come to your home to do the assessment or at least part of it if your child will be unable to sit in an office for a minimum of 2 hours
    – request an assessment in the evening or on a weekend if you are a single parent
    – asking for help isn’t easy so begin by going through the questions available on the DSO website yourself first so you can come to a place where you are honest and accepting about where you are and what you need
    – investigate, investigate and then investigate some more
    – involve as many people as you can in the process and let them know what kind of supports you need from them

    Keeping some of your creative and adaptive solutions in mind, what suggestions or advice would you give to others just beginning the process of applying to DSO for passport funding?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)