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Anger Management

Anger Management Program

Angry Girl

This six session Anger Management program originated from a commitment to helping children (from the ages of 2.5 and up) begin to build a foundation for understanding anger and incorporate strategies to deal with feelings of anger in their every day lives. Although at the present time this program has been used with Early Childhood Educators and children in child care, home providers and parents could also implement the program (or individual strategies from the sessions).

The philosophy of the program recognizes that early awareness of anger and its management promote the likelihood that children will internalize calming techniques and increase conflict resolution skills. The program takes an eclectic approach (including yoga/calming activities, visual strategies, hands-on activities such as games, songs, stories, and cooperative activities) because children learn best from seeing appropriate behaviours modeled for them in a variety of ways to accommodate all learning styles.

The program is sequential with each session building on the previous session. There are six twenty-minute group sessions and they follow a consistent agenda to reinforce learning:

1 – Recognizing Anger in Oneself 2 – Anger Rules and Introduction to Safe Ways to Express Anger 3 – Additional Strategies for Teaching Safe Ways to Express Anger 4 – Taking Control of Your Anger 5 – Conflict Resolution (Child To Adult) 6 – Conflict Resolution (Between Peers)


The Anger ABC’s Book

The Anger ABC's book

A small book outlining strategies to help calm children with anger problems. Print out the PDF and assemble it yourself. Or you can order a printed copy.