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Why I got a Cell Phone and How it Helps Me

Cell Phone context story

My name is Phyllis and I would like to tell you about why I got a cell phone and how it helps me.

A long time ago I was living at home with my mom and dad, and I was taking the bus to the day program. I got turned around at the subway and couldn’t find my way. I was lost! A nice lady finally noticed that I was upset and helped me to find the right bus. I had been so scared.

When I got home, I told my brother about it and he talked to my mom about getting a cell phone. It was close to Christmas and when Christmas arrived, there was a special gift for me under the tree… a brand new cell phone! My brother had helped my mom purchase the cell phone, and together they had decided which service provider to go with.

I practiced using the cell phone, as I can copy numbers and was able to call the day program, my brother or his wife, or my mom and dad! Especially if I got lost! I always carry my phone book with me.

One day my cell phone broke, and my brother contacted the service provider and they sent me another phone in the mail to replace it. We had a contract with them, so this was covered and we didn’t have to pay for the new phone! I had that phone for a while, but then my mom said it was just costing too much money. I was upset because what would I do if I got lost again? At this time, both my parents had passed away and I was living on my own.

One day when we were at a retail store, my sister-in-law suggested we check out the prices of plans there. The sales person tried to sell me and my brother all kinds of silly gadgets like, head phones, car chargers and cases. My brother helped me a lot because if I had been by myself I don’t know what I would have ended up buying! We decided on the pay as you go plan, which means that because I don’t use it all the time, I add money when it runs out. My brother and sister-in-law help me with this.

It is important to have a cell phone because if you are going to be late, not feeling safe when on the bus or if you get lost then you are able to let people know where you are. I also used it one day when I fell. I was able to get a hold of my brother and I was able to get help.

I am using it a lot right now because my home phone is not working. I can at least call my brother, sister-in-law, or my support people with my cell phone and let them know so they can call to get my home phone working.

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